Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Club Astoria Hotel

Club Astoria Hotel is located in Bodrum (the name for the beach), Karaburun. It is open all year around. It is quite close to the sea. Actually the balconies viewing the sea are over the on the sea. the hotel has internet connections. It also has a disco/bar, gameroom, cinevision, sauna for groups, meeting room, game room etc.Hotel has a total of 40 rooms which 6 of them are suits. All rooms have view to the sea and all are equipped with bathroom, toilet, 24 hours hot water,
direct phone connection.

Astoria Hotel in Karaburun is 100km away from Izmir and is 110km away from the airport. Don't let the red lines on the map above decive you, as the 55km of the road is only with curves by the sea. You may get sick on the road. So I would advise you not to read anything during the drive and not to eat heavily before getting on the road. (I know, because, the house next to the hotel is ours :) I keep coming here every weekend and sometimes stay for weeks.)

I didn't put many pictures of the hotel as they are renewing it at the moment. I know that they are changing the room colours and the interior design. A big renewal construction is going on nowadays. They are aiming to finish up before the high season. But the hotel is still giving service at this time.

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Friday, April 18, 2008


I am about to loose my mind on tech stuff nowadays. I am trying to figure out how to design my web site. So I am surfing sites like Webmasters Blog . You can find a lot of information about designing website, programs on the internet, news about tech stuff etc. The web site is really very easy to navigate and user friendly and for first commers like myself, for ones that are new at this stuff, Webmasters Blog has pictures along with the explanations. So, when using such programmes, you won't feel so foreign as you will be seing the screens for the first time.
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Friday, April 11, 2008


This is just what I needed. This guy is really the Tech Guru!! I was having a problem with my IE7, actually was trying to get acquinted and had real big problems in the memory usage of IE7. Well,this guy at
is telling you why.
I scrolled through his web site at came across quite good stuff, like Domain Registration, Firefox tips and tricks (a flash back to days when I used that browser, and had to switch to IE7 :(( ) A big problem that we have nowadays, How to keep my mail from getting hacked.. Well, name it, you'll find it there! Every blogger has a nightmare called PR, Tech Guru is explaining the system very simply. (I mean I can understand with no problems :)-Thank you so much!!)
The site is very easy to navigate too. Unlike most sites like this, it does not give you pop up windows, plenty of adds etc. and confuse your head. It gets straight to the point without having any interruptions! Just PERFECT!
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While reading the blog,good personal blog, I came across an article about leaving the native place of one. Leaving the place where your family is, your work, your life, memories...
I am so glad that someone else is sharing the same thoughts as I do. Yes, one must communicate to get going in life.. Communicating with the market man, communicating with the sales guy is facts of life. But do we have to be a good communicater to get our life going? I beleive it only makes our life harder. Mine I mean. When I start to share things, I start to get involved which really wears me out. Because there are risks. Risks like being misunderstood, being judged of your thoughts, lifestyle or words etc. I am in control of mylife. Noone else is. Sometimes, when I get really tired of the city, tired of people hating eachother, selfishness and all other bad thoughts, I just want to pack and leave where noone lives. Where there is only me and myself. Is it just a dream? Can it ever become real? Hope one day we'll succeed Dingchao.. Hope one day. I will follow your blog, as long as you keep sharing..Hey you guys out there!! go take a look. There are a lot of articles in that you can find a part of yourself.


Life Port Istanbul Hotel has 41 rooms and 40 bungalows all having the garden view. All rooms are equipped with central heating & cooling, direct telephone, minibar, internet connection, sattelite TV,shower & wc, hair dryer.

Hotel offers; a very big garden with open air swimming pooland a pool for kids, a tv saloon, internet connection, dry cleaning, safe box available in the reception, 24 hours room service, free parking and jenerator (UPS).
Indoor swimming-pool, jakuzi, fitness center, tennis, voleyball, basketball and bowling are some of the sports that can be done within the hotel.

The hotel is 8km away from Istanbul Park, 2km from the Industrial Zone and 12km from Sabiha Gokcen Airport.