Saturday, November 22, 2008

What if?

If you have ever had the chance to visit Turkey, by taking tips from the things I have written; please do let me know about what your thoughts are. Have you seen the Basilica Citern? Did you see the water coming up from down below? Can you beleive that there were actually people living in there years ago, and now it is basicly sinking. How would you feel if this would happen to you? What if you house would start getting water from somewhere? What would you do? Do you have an Insurance to cover this type of damage? I am pretty sure people living in Basilica Citern didn't have any type of guarantee of any kind that would give them the chance to build another life somewhere else.
But even having a chance like this in our days is a very good thing for us. The idea of having an insurance of any type to give us the chance to reboot. Don't you think?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It is located in Sultanahmet, Istanbul and is open everyday between 09:00-17:30.

The Cistern was built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian in A.D 542 on the other side of the Hippodrome to mee the Great Palace's water requirements and nowadays it is a museum and an exhibition hall, as well as hosting concerts and poetry readings.

For more information and pictures, please visit:


Is located in Besiktas, Istanbul and is closed on Mondays and Thursdays.

The construction of the Dolmabahce palace began in 1842 at the command of Sultan Abdulmecid and the edifice contains 43 salons ans 285 rooms. With its inlay and marble, walls hung with oil paintings and crystal marble bannisters, the palace has an atmosphere where you feel like you are in a dream..

For more information please visit:


Some of my friends asked me to give information on places to see in Turkey. So from now on, I will be giving informaiton on these too...

Here is a start:

Topkapi Palace Museum is located in Sultanahmet, Istanbul. For your info, the museum is closed on Tuesdays but other than that; it is open everyday between 09:00-17:00. Topkapi Palace was built by Mehmet the Conqueror immediately after the conquest of Istanbul. It cnsists of pavillions surrounded by four large courtyards with the treasury and the harem being of particular interest. Also when you are there, you will be able to visit the 6th century Church of St. Irene.

For more information and pictures, please visit:

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wow!!!! It had been so long since my last post. Well I really am very sorry for being so lazy but I really am having a hectic summer. And at the moment I am at the airport for a 2 week trip to Tai Wan. I will be back with a lot of memorries and stories to tell. I promise I will not make you regret all the time you have waited for a new post.
I will see you all when I get back.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Denizati Holiday Village

Denizati is located in Gumuldur, established in a 60.000m2 pine woodland.It is like walking in the forest and going to the sea with only 3 steps. This place used to be a camping resort covered with pine trees. I am talking like 20 years ago.Now they have divided the the land into two and kept half of it as camping and the other hafturned into a wonderful holiday village.
In the camping area, you can rent the tents and just bring your sheets and luggage to stay.The toilets, bathrooms are all so clean. There are also places (used by all camp residents)to wash dishes and do laundry. Wonderful, beautiful place to go..
For those of you that is not into camping; visit the holiday village section of Denizati. Has a swimming pool, animation, a small poi pond, internet access. (Is also available in camping area as of June 20th) All rooms have air conditioning, TV, hair dryer, a private terrace and telephone.Mini golf, tennis, table tennis, basketball, horse riding, trampoline are some of the activitiesoffered in Denizati by the animation team.

I honestly can say, words are not enough to describe how muh fun I am having everytime I visit Denizati. Maybe, if one of you guys who visits could find the words to describe.
For more info:

Thursday, May 29, 2008


A beatiful, family owned pension and restaurant located right by the seaside. They have airconditioned rooms with very simple furnish. As everyone is out of the room the whole time, there is no need to furnish the rooms with high end. Pension has wireless internet access.

You may either choose from half board or bed and breakfast. They have a large garden right behind the pension where they grow almost all kinds of vegetables that are being served.

If interested in staying, please give them a call first and make sure they have rooms available. Ergin Pension is located in the same bay and area as Astoria Hotel.

For more info:

Thursday, May 8, 2008


It is based on the southern base of Mt. Kackar, accessible by a difficult road which follows a wild forest brook. Owned by Mr. Mehmet Karahan. The pension is based right by a thousand year old Georgian church. Rooms are decorated real simple and they have a half open roof in which almost 15 people can sleep. It is funished with plenty of kilims and cushions. They are really used to tourists and mountain hikers and they serve real nice food. Your cellular phones won't be accessible there, but there are phones available. Pension is 105km from Artvin and 26km from Yusufeli.

For more info:

Saturday, May 3, 2008

International Accomodation

Here are some links for those of you that will go abroad from Turkey or just looking for some place to stay:

Gatwick Hotels - Browse all good quality hotels at Gatwick Airport, compare prices and then book online. Reserve today, pay on arrival.

Accommodation in Estonia Tallinn, Parnu, Tartu, Haapsalu, Saaremaa - Hotels, Hostels, Apartments, Activity Holidays
Booking Estonia - Complete travel assistance in Estonia - Hotels, hostels, apartments reservation in Estonia - travel and lodgings. Includes Tallinn, Tartu, Parnu and many more Estonian cities. Nightlife guide - restaurants, bars, pubs, discos, cafes

Ukraine Accommodation
Ukraine travel guide. Apartments for rent in Odessa and Kiev. Visa support, accommodation, transportation and dating service.

Hotels in Warsaw, Poland Apartments, Krakow Accommodation

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Club Astoria Hotel

Club Astoria Hotel is located in Bodrum (the name for the beach), Karaburun. It is open all year around. It is quite close to the sea. Actually the balconies viewing the sea are over the on the sea. the hotel has internet connections. It also has a disco/bar, gameroom, cinevision, sauna for groups, meeting room, game room etc.Hotel has a total of 40 rooms which 6 of them are suits. All rooms have view to the sea and all are equipped with bathroom, toilet, 24 hours hot water,
direct phone connection.

Astoria Hotel in Karaburun is 100km away from Izmir and is 110km away from the airport. Don't let the red lines on the map above decive you, as the 55km of the road is only with curves by the sea. You may get sick on the road. So I would advise you not to read anything during the drive and not to eat heavily before getting on the road. (I know, because, the house next to the hotel is ours :) I keep coming here every weekend and sometimes stay for weeks.)

I didn't put many pictures of the hotel as they are renewing it at the moment. I know that they are changing the room colours and the interior design. A big renewal construction is going on nowadays. They are aiming to finish up before the high season. But the hotel is still giving service at this time.

For more info:

Friday, April 18, 2008


I am about to loose my mind on tech stuff nowadays. I am trying to figure out how to design my web site. So I am surfing sites like Webmasters Blog . You can find a lot of information about designing website, programs on the internet, news about tech stuff etc. The web site is really very easy to navigate and user friendly and for first commers like myself, for ones that are new at this stuff, Webmasters Blog has pictures along with the explanations. So, when using such programmes, you won't feel so foreign as you will be seing the screens for the first time.
Another cool site about this site is that you don't have to read the whole article, you just see a part of the article and if you like it than you just click a link to read the rest of the article. It sure saves you alot of time.
Well, I definetly liked it. I am sure you'll like it too...

Friday, April 11, 2008


This is just what I needed. This guy is really the Tech Guru!! I was having a problem with my IE7, actually was trying to get acquinted and had real big problems in the memory usage of IE7. Well,this guy at
is telling you why.
I scrolled through his web site at came across quite good stuff, like Domain Registration, Firefox tips and tricks (a flash back to days when I used that browser, and had to switch to IE7 :(( ) A big problem that we have nowadays, How to keep my mail from getting hacked.. Well, name it, you'll find it there! Every blogger has a nightmare called PR, Tech Guru is explaining the system very simply. (I mean I can understand with no problems :)-Thank you so much!!)
The site is very easy to navigate too. Unlike most sites like this, it does not give you pop up windows, plenty of adds etc. and confuse your head. It gets straight to the point without having any interruptions! Just PERFECT!
I personally added it to my Favorites List. Hope you'll do too..


While reading the blog,good personal blog, I came across an article about leaving the native place of one. Leaving the place where your family is, your work, your life, memories...
I am so glad that someone else is sharing the same thoughts as I do. Yes, one must communicate to get going in life.. Communicating with the market man, communicating with the sales guy is facts of life. But do we have to be a good communicater to get our life going? I beleive it only makes our life harder. Mine I mean. When I start to share things, I start to get involved which really wears me out. Because there are risks. Risks like being misunderstood, being judged of your thoughts, lifestyle or words etc. I am in control of mylife. Noone else is. Sometimes, when I get really tired of the city, tired of people hating eachother, selfishness and all other bad thoughts, I just want to pack and leave where noone lives. Where there is only me and myself. Is it just a dream? Can it ever become real? Hope one day we'll succeed Dingchao.. Hope one day. I will follow your blog, as long as you keep sharing..Hey you guys out there!! go take a look. There are a lot of articles in that you can find a part of yourself.


Life Port Istanbul Hotel has 41 rooms and 40 bungalows all having the garden view. All rooms are equipped with central heating & cooling, direct telephone, minibar, internet connection, sattelite TV,shower & wc, hair dryer.

Hotel offers; a very big garden with open air swimming pooland a pool for kids, a tv saloon, internet connection, dry cleaning, safe box available in the reception, 24 hours room service, free parking and jenerator (UPS).
Indoor swimming-pool, jakuzi, fitness center, tennis, voleyball, basketball and bowling are some of the sports that can be done within the hotel.

The hotel is 8km away from Istanbul Park, 2km from the Industrial Zone and 12km from Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Agaoglu My Resort Hotel gives service 12 months a year. It has 205 rooms and is 22km away from City Center, Bursa and 60km from the airport. Hotel gives service on a "All Inclusive" basis. All rooms are equipped with minibar, telephone, central heating, sattalite TV and hair dryer.
All skiing equipment can be rented from the hotel and skiing lessons can be arranged with instructors. Sauna, massage, skin therapy, hair dresser and doctor service can also provided within the hotel. Guests with children upto 12 years of age, can use the benifits of child care service in certain times of the day. Game land, game room and night club are some of the facilites that can be used within the hotel.

For more info:

Monday, March 24, 2008


Piril Hotel is located in city center, Cesme Izmir. It has 139 room, 310 beds, 69 standard rooms, 1 handicapped Room, 10 non-smoking rooms, 13 family rooms, 18 suits, 36 dublex rooms and 3 Piril Suits.

All rooms are equipped with telephone, bathroom, hair dryer, electronic door lock system, minibar, safety box, cable & sattalite TV, internet access (in lobby and meeting rooms), central heating, air condition.

Piril Hotel offers, 24 hours of reception service, car rental, car parking, baby sitting on demand, doctor's service on demand, beauty saloon, game room etc. There are 2 open-air swimming pools and 1 closed swimming pool, a thermal pool, pool for kids, Turkish Bath (Hamam), Sauna, Massage, Fitness Center, a playground for kids, mini club and a night club.

If you are bored at the hotel, it is only 600m from the see, 10km from Alacati and 4km from Ayayorgi. Located 80km away from the airport but at Cesme City Center. But very easy to reach, as the road is a free-way.

For more info: and

Friday, March 7, 2008


Stands at the top of a high cliff outside Datca, commanding a brad sweep of the Mediterranean with the Greek Island of Symi and Rhodes on the horizon. It is a quite, comfortable and friendly hotel which easily conveys a sense of home.

There is a honeymoon room available and are total f 20 rooms. If requested, airconditioned rooms are available. There is 24 hours hot water, radio, ceiling fan and limited kitchen available in the rooms as well as shower/toilet.

They provide a full turkish traditional breakfast and serve cookies and pastery at 5 o'clock tea. Owned by a couple stayed in the US for years and have management experience, and whey they are not it, a german couple is taking care of the facility.

The facility is located only 15min. walk from the city center, and yet it is located on top of the hill overlooking the Mediterranean. Car rental, daily boat tours, hiking tours can be arranged upon request.

For detailed info:

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


A wonderful weekend in a uiet and beautiful village on the foothills of Mt. Ida (Kaz Daglari).The hotel is built in rustical style out of stone and timber. It has a charming restaurant, cosy and well-furnished rooms and are all centrally heated in winter. some of the rooms has fire places. The terrace has a beautiful view of the pine woods, the best of Turkey, unassulted by the modern development.
There is an extensive opportunity of hiking, peasant watching and off-road motorring in unspoiled environment. Olive oil is used in cooking, white meat and salads. You will have the chance to visit the ruins of the ancient city of Assos which is 25km away. And if you'd like to swim in the see, it is 3km down the road.
There also is a minimum two night package for the weekends and pets are allowed to the hotel.

For more info:

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Located in Saraykoy, Denizli, UMUT THERMAL is one of the finest thermal hotels in Turkey. Owned by Mr. Kadir Basoglan (owner of CINAR MUGLA HOUSES) has created a paradise for people having interest in thermal water and spa. They have 3 different types of housings; main hotel building, villa houses and bungalows. All the rooms for these 3 types are epuipped with bath tub with thermal water, Cable TV, hair dryer, towels and robes etc. For those of you, not very fond of using the thermal pool area in the main building, will be happy to use the bathtub in the room, with thermal water..
For the shy ladies, that won't want to be seen in bathing suit to others, hotel has a special pool just for those. They also have one mixed. A kid's pool is also available and a regular pool. (All pools are available in open and closed areas)
Once you check in to the hotel, you'll be greated and hosted with the "Guest Relations" and they will be giving information abou the hotel, how to use the facilities, the mud pool, the thermal pool, doctor visits etc.

Not interested? Well, there is a SPA&Wellness Center also, where you can get beautiful massages such as Armoma Therapy, reflexology, Ottoman massage (starts in traditional turkish bath-HAMAM-and ends with a beautiful massage etc.

Their web page does not have an english extention but, you may always reach them by phone and make reservations. And please donot go without reservation as it is a very big possibility that you won't get a room without reservation.
The contact numbers are: +90-258-4261101 (tel) +90-258-4261160 (fax)

For more info:

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


A very very big garden, by the side of the forest, under the plane trees, waterfalls, ducks and lillies. The village ladies working in the premises are cooking spectacularly delicius Turkish food; such as freshly baked breads hot from the stone made oven, traditional butter, roasted meat etc. It is a miracle to find a room for the weekend.

They have wood bungalows with elaborate woodwork, comfortable floor beds, fireplaces and en suite bathrooms in tip-top shape. If this does not work for you, they also have much luxurious homes with airconditions, TV's, regular beds etc.
The place is located 14km from Marmaris, 2km to Cleopatra Island. If you want to escape the
hastle of the busy city life, give this place a try, you will never ever forget the days you spend there. But don't forget to make reservations before you go. As I said before, it is a miracle to find rooms for weekends and/or holidays.
The name of the Host is: Mr. Kadir Basdogan and the telephone numbers are:
+90-252-495 8079 and +90-252-495 8080

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


You want to start a new life. you want to move, change your address.. but when you think about details like finding a house, moving, setting up every tiny detail along the way.. It just gives you a stomach ache following a big headache.
Well, these guys at is really taking a big burden off of your shoulders.

Just by visiting their site, you'll be able to access the real estates, the list of
rentals, mortgage opportunities, a list of forclosures. You'll be able to arrange your moving by searching within movers, shippers and moving companies just by filling out a form. And whole bunch of other useful stuff.

I have checked out the Florida Homes; rates are listed within Florida and nationwide. And you can search sale opportunities by city popularity.Then I made my way to Miami Condos & Homes; they have graphical comparisons for sale and mortgage rates, school details and community information. Last but not least, ı wanted to check the New York Foreclosures; I am pretty sure you'll be interested in at least one of the 10.000 New York foreclosure opportunities listed there, all grouped by city.

The site is simply spectacular. Providing all the information that one needs if considering to relocate. If you are one of them, don't miss it. It is just a click away..

Monday, February 18, 2008


This is about a family law firm, having an advertisement campaign at Blog Advertising:

Family matters are upclose and personal. They are intimate and has to be handeled with care.
When parents decide to seperate and if they have kids, the caring needs to be doubled. Children needs to be protected and all this has to be handled very carefully, without hurting them.

Being a lawyer is not only having to memorise the law, but it is creating a bond with one another, treating all clients the same way as you would like to be treated. That is what McKinley Irvin is doing. They act like you are the part of the family.

Having 10 lawyers, equipped with high level of knowledge and a lot of heart, they handle every single case as if it's their very first.Read the client testimonials in their home page at: You'll have an idea about their service quality. They are easy to get a hold of; either with e-mail or telephone. If you
just send them a message, they'll get in touch with you asap.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Comfortable Butique Hotel

Nisanyan Houses - Comfortable Hotel in a Historic Village near Ephesus
Actually I cannot say this place is a 'boutique hotel' or 'hotel.' this place is a house :) very very comfortable House in Sirince ((pronounced she-rin-jay) is a very strange (!)village in the hills near Ephesus, small historic houses facing a romantic landscape of vineyards (Vines of Sirince are really famous) and olive groves. Sea level is 400 metres above , the village enjoys cool evenings even on the hottest days of summer. Ephesus is a 15-minute drive away. and please remember the beach is just a little farther.-

Nisanyan House offers 4 types of accommodation in separate unites : Nisanyan Inn is an elegantly appointed small hotel of 5 rooms. Several village houses offer greater privacy and space. The five cottages of Ilyastepe are set in a beautiful Mediterranean farm on the edge of the village. Then there is Kilisealti Guesthouse, offering 7 modest but pleasant rooms for travelers on a limited budget.and also more information:
I would strongly suggest you to visit these Comfortable Houses ...

Oyster Residences

Oyster Residences- in Oludeniz
This is the best boutique hotel I have ever seen in Turkey. Everybody knows that Oludeniz is very special places... especially the Blue Lagoon ...nature, paragliding , sun set :)
Oyster Residences along the beach of Oludeniz is the Oyster shell for the sensible tourist.
also rooms have French Windows opening to an olive tree shaded garden and the pool.very nice decorated bathrooms with spray-jacuzzis (hehe),a scale for weight watchers,hair dryer ,central fire alarm,plazma tv,direct telephone,safety deposit boxes,pool towels,carefully chosen furniture and curtains are all in your room.
Activities :
Tarot and Message (hımmm)
Scuba Diving

More information about OYSTER Residences :

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


There are not too many shops on the net that offers as much product range as the FACIAL COMPANY offers and delivers worldwide.If you choose to subscrive the efacial news from their web page, you'll be able to receive the latest updates and the newest product before everyone else. The products being categorized as Skin Care, Advanced Skincare, Head to Toe, Baby, men etc. makes it alot more easy to find the product group that you'd like to see. Or, if you know the brand you specificly want, you can just go to "Shop by Brand" part on the left hand side of the corner.You'll also be able to find natural and organic products in the site. Even though it is an Australian owned company, you can see the prices on your currency if you'd prefer.The prices are very good. So what are you guys still waiting for? Just visit asap, find the brand that you are visit the site and buy it. Give yourself a valentine's day present.Pick one of Beta Alistine, Alpha-H or Simplicite but not limited with. You'll find alot of optin there. Spoil yourself a bit..

Friday, February 8, 2008


Did you ever have to live with an elderly at you own home? Did you ever try to take care of an elderly with alzheimer's? Take my word.. It is very very hard.. you'll have your own priorities, such as your home, your spouse, your kids.. However, they will ask for all the attantion. I wish we had a chance to access a site like nursing homes in the country where I live, but we had to do it on our own.
If you live in the area where they give the service at (UK), pay a visit to their site, see your alternatives, even see which way is good for you; taking care at your own house with proffesional help or a residential home.You'll find all the information that you need once you login. You can even call a number which is stated on the page for support. If you cannot make up your mind on what to do, just login to the community forums. Share the experiences you have, and have an idea from the ones there.Keep in mind that, taking lessons from others' experiences will save you a lot. I am pretty sure that you cannot find anyother database like bettercaring has. Use it.. Let them guide you the way.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Located in Kahramanlar region in Izmir, it is in the middle of the city close to biggest exhibition center "Izmir International Fair". New structure with nine floors with a shiny glass frontview.

Izmir Comfort Hotel has 24h room service and free parking for guests with vehicle. Breakfast is included in the price and has a wide choice of delicious Turkish classic cheeses and vegetables. Restaurant "EGE" serves Mediterranean style food and Turkish cuisine for lunch and dinner and room service is available around the clock.

The hotel has a business center with fax, printer and wireless/cable internet connection. Wireless Internet is also available in the lobby and all floors of the hotel.

Hotel offers 30 rooms. Each room is appx. 30m2. Rooms are painted in pastel colour, resting tones. All rooms have satellite television, minibar (not included in the price), wireless Internet, free bottled water per day and english/german/french newspapers, and safes. You may find soap, shampoo, conditioner, cotton taps, make-up remover cotton, bathrobes, hair dryers and jetted tubs in the bathrooms.
Room prices are moderate to avarage compared to surrounded hotels nearby. Room rates are 80 Euro to 120 Euro depending on season and reservation.

From (ADB) Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport to hotel is aprx. 11 kms, 20 minutes. Taxis will charge 20-25 Euro for this service depending on day/night time.

Facilities In the Hotel:
Breakfast ( the price)Parking placeBusiness CentreRestaurant Wireless Internet Access Meeting Facilities 24-hour front desk Limo/Town Car service available Tour assistance

For More Info:

Izmir Comfort HotelMursel Pasa Bulvari no 159
Kahramanlar IZMIR TR 35280


This is the coolest thing. Now that the Valetine's Day is coming up, this is a great opportunity for you and your valentine to spend "quality" time up at Branson Missuri cabins.You can enjoy the nature and scenery, experience the wild life in a very luxurios cabin or condo. The web site has a link to the whether sites, so that you can visit before your travel date not to experience any suprises on climate wise. You'll have a chance to choose between 8 different types of
cabins - from one bedroom cabin to deluxe two bedroom cabin.When you visit the beautiful website that they have, you'll be able to access the "rates & availability" to check and see wheather they have rooms for you on the very romantic long weekend, valentine's day. And don't forget to check the whether before you pack, from the links on the web site.

Have a very happy and romantic Valentine's Day up at Cabins in Branson Missouri, with the one(s) you love.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Optical Glasses

How many people use glasses ? I guess lots of people do , especially nowadays the new generation always are working with computers or watching TV, I am not an expert about eyes but as a glasses user I always search eyeglasses because it is part of my body and it needs to be cool :)
But I have never understand that why they are really expensive ! then I found a company which sell just their own product ! and their cost are really low , believe me! Great Discovery: Zenni Optical $8 Glasses -
They sell these special frame direct to the glasses users so they do not need to sell them expensive . Don't think that they are useless no no no they are really perfect! (especially I like Titanium models)
Just visit and check the prices, are you ready to surprises ??
Best Thing found: Zenni Optical $8 Glasses

Monday, February 4, 2008


Letoonia Golf Resort is located in Belek, only 45km away from city center, Antalya. There are a lot of ways to spend your time in Letoonia Golf Resort, such as golf training course, aerobics, gymnastics, step, yoga, jogging, basketball, mini- football, beach volleyball, and numerous outdoor & water activities.
Especially designed for the experienced golfers, the Letoonia Golf Resort has its own golf area with beautiful view and landscape. With a weather like Antalya has, it is a mistake not to experience Golf there.

All 1502 rooms are equipped with satallite tv, safe, hair dryer and a/c. If you have the chance to visit the premises, don't forget to visit Kutlu Spa which is a part of celebrated international spa chains. And experience the aromatherapy, mediacal, Aegan, Asian, shiatsu, mud and water massages.
Letoonia Golf Resort is als operating with a superior all inclusive concept as Letoonia Club Hotel Fethiye.


ONTUR HOTEL is the other branch of famous ONTUR CESME, but this one is located in the center of the city. It is located, on a walking distance to the international fair. Is only 40min drive away from the airport and has 80 rooms, closed swimming pool, fitness center and sauna. All the rooms are equipped with cable TV, direct phone, hair dryer,s afety box, split a/c and minibar.

The original site, that I have placed the link down, does not have an English link working at the moment. But if you guys decide to visit the hotel, just click the "rezervasyon" button and a new page will open up. If you fill in the neccessary parts, you'll be receiving an answer a.s.a.p.

The hotel room prices are between 100 EURO - 160 EURO including
VAT and breakfast.

For more info:


The Club is located on a verdant Lycian peninsula overlooking the southern Aegean Sea on south coast of Turkey. The resort spans to 165.000m2. Is 4km from City Center (Fethiye), 57km from Dalaman Airport, 22km from Oludeniz and 62km from Patara. It has 111 Hotel Rooms and 495 Bungalow Rooms.
Letoonia serves on a "superior all inclusive" concept. Which includes breakfast, brunch, lunch, sncak, five o'clock tea and cakes, Dinner and night snack. Local and some imported alchol drinks are served 24 hours as well as soft drinks.
Hotel Rooms have telephone, TV, Air-conditioning, safe, minibar, balcony, bath with bathtub, carpet and 220 V hair-dryer. And the Bunglaow Rooms have Air-conditioning, telephone, TV, safe, minibar, Ottoman style balcony, bath with shower, carpet or ceramic tile and 220 V hair-dryer. Agora Bar has free wireless internet access for th use of the guests.
There is also free daily animation, entertainment and night shows, mini club for ages between 4-8, kids club for 12-16 years of age and a babysitting service is available with charge.A large variety of water and land sport activities, pools and wellness center is also availalbe for the guests.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

For Rugby Fans !

Everybody knows that this blog is about Hotels in Turkey and we always are writing about hotels but nowadays we decided to write something sport in Turkey, such as paragliding, diving , trekking and Rugby 
This is the first post about sport in this blog ! About Rugby ! even no lig for Rugby in Turkey all Turkish people know about rugby games and follow it from the internet. is the famous web site about it and you know what this web site is a official website for Rugby 6 Nation you can easily fallow all Rugby tournament via this web site. I am sure there are lots of Rugby fans all over the world and many tournament that happen . the 6 nations rugby tournament is the famous one.It means 6 top European team in this game: England ,France, Ireland, Wales, Italy and Scotland compete with each others for the top honors.
Are you interest in rugby games ?
Don’t forget to visit official web site.
Happy Rugby’ing  :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Online Review

It is a very nice idea to devide the site by "US" and "ALL" lists. So this way, US gamblers are able to click on the game they'd like to play and look for the best of online gamings. If you are not from the US, don't worry, they also do have "BEST OF" lists that you can always use.
It is a very nice idea to devide the site by "US" and "ALL" lists. So this way, US gamblers are able to click on the game they'd like to play and look for the best of online gamings. If you are not from the US, don't worry, they also do have "BEST OF" lists that you can always use.
For example Casino Room : this online casino offers lots of games of many different varieties. The card games are:, Baccarat ,Millenium Ride, Pai Gow Poker, Caribbean Pirate Poker ,Casino Hold’em, , Blackjack and Hi/Lo
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How did I know all this information ? From Online Review site!!
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Friday, January 25, 2008

Dedeman Hotel - Diyarbakir

Having 98 rooms of with 2 of them are suites Dedeman Hotel-Diyarbakır's rooms' are equipped with direct phone, minibar, electronic safe, electronic door lock system, 24 hours of room service, internet connection (wireless), TV, satallite, Pay TV, Air condition, iron and ironing board in the room, hair dryer, make up mirror and fire detector. Hotel also offers; business center, dry cleaning, ironing, car park, laundry, babysitting service, hair dresser, secretarial services etc. To have a relaxed stay at the hotel, guests are welcome to use the beauty salon, sauna, steam bath, massage service, solarium, fitness classes, skin and body care treatments and Vitamin bar.
For the conference / meetings to be held, Dedeman Diyarbakır offers: 3 Meeting Rooms with a total capacity of 590, Wireless Network, Sound System, Wireless Microphone, Table Microphone, Illumination System, DVD Player, VCD Player, VCR, Lectern, Music Broadcast, Slide Projector, Computer Projector, Projection Screen, Barcovision, Overhead Projector, Flipchart, TV, Writing Board, Fax, Air conditioning, Laser Pointer, Facilities and Services.

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Dedeman Hotels - Ankara

Located in the Anatolian plateau which has been the cradle of many many ancient civilizations. One of Ankara's (Capital of Turkish Republic) biggest attraction is the fascinating Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, which boasts an incomparable collection of Hittite and Urartian exhibits. Housed in a restored Ottoman "bedesten” or covered market, it is carefully planned to enable visitors to come to a real understanding of the development of Anatolian civilization. A visit to the museum can be combined with a visit to Anıtkabir, Atatürk’s mausoleum, which was built as a national shrine to the man who shaped the secular Republic of Turkey, changing and modernizing virtually every aspect of life from language to the legal system.
Dedeman Ankara
has a total of 299 rooms of which 281 of them are standart, 17 of them are suit and 1 king suite. All rooms have direct phone, minibar, electronic safe-deposit box, electronic door lock system, 24 hours of room service, interactive TV, central air condition, hair dryer, make up mirror and fire detector. suits has an extra of internet connection, iron and ironing board and a jacuzzi in king suite.
For any congress or meetings that will be held in Dedeman Ankara, the hotel also offers: raised head table, overhead projector, slide projector, video player and TV monitor, screen, flipchart,
spotlight, microphones, white board, tape recorder, simultanious earphones, translation system in 7 languages and barcovision.

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Kervansaray Bursa Hotel

Kervansaray Hotel is located right in the center of the city with a capacity of 112 rooms and 250 beds. It also has a 300 people capacity of theater setted meeting room. Being located in the
city center, they are only a walking distance to the major shopping centers.

All rooms are equipped with cable TV, radio, telephone, hair dryer and minibar. Additional to room features, hotel has a TV room, ladies' hair saloon, laundry, ironing service, baby sitting
service (if needded), parking lot, environmental tours, and car rental service. Kervansaray Bursa has a closed Restaurant that may serve 250 people, and a terrace restaurant for 150 people, all restaurants are equipped with air conditions. Lobby and roof bar is also available for the guests. If you choose to stay in Kervansaray Hotel during your visit to Bursa, you might as well use the terace open swimming pool having the beautiful Bursa view.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Hotel Hegsagone is a 4 star hotel, located 60m from the sea and only 16km from Sabiha Gokcen Airport, in Gebze Kocaeli. Hotel Hegsagone has a total of 110 rooms of which 56 of them are deluxe, 4 suite and 4 non-smoking rooms. All rooms are equipped with direct phone, balcony, minibar, safe-deposit box, wireless internet, stallite TV, air condition and hair dryer.

Hotel has, TV room, complimentary wireless internet, business center, internet cafe, laundry room, iron, dry cleaning, 24 hours of room service, open car park is available for 24 hour and generator for public use.

You can enjoy the half olympic open swimming pool and kids' pool, solarium, sauna, fitness center, pool tables and Fin Bath.

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It has a beautiul and unbeatable view of Hagia Sophia Museum and Sultahmet Square and a blend of Ottoman and Istanbul cuisine. The furnishing of the guest rooms are exquisit and is reflecting the Ottoman art. The Ottoman Hotel Imperial was built in mid 1800's as an Ottoman School and Hospital. It has served as an historical school for about 70 years and turned into a hospital in early 1900's. In mid 20th century, the building was changed into a hotel and reconstructed in 2005.

They have 4 different types o rooms and suites named: Premium Sultan Rooms, Junior
Suits, Imperial Suits and Imperial Residence - Premium Vezir Rooms and Junior Suits
Superior Sultan Rooms and Suits - Superior Vezir Rooms and Suits.

Ottoman Hotel Imperial is only 19km from the Ataturk International Airport and is in
a walking distance to Sultanahmet Square and the main historic, shopping and harbour
areas.The hotel is equipped with:Reception & Concierge DeskHigh-speed Internet Access & Wireless Internet Access Lobby and Luggage Hold Garden & Terrace & News Stand Baggage StorageTurkish Bath Elevator to Premium floorsParking Foreign Currency ExchangeBusiness Services Laundry & Valet Service Ice Machine

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Best Western Hotel 2000

Best Western Hotel Ikibin-2000 Ankara, is 500 metres from the US embassy and 1.5 kilometres from the Karum Shopping Centre. It is a five-storey hotel with modern architecture and traditional Turkish style.
The staff at the 24-hour front desk is multilingual, and they can offer currency exchange, concierge services, and the use of a safe-deposit box. In case you get hungry at anytime, there is 24-hour room service. And should imply that there is a 24 hour complimentary parking available.
Restaurant Cavellini, located in the Hotel, serves Turkish specialities and international. A complimentary buffet breakfast is also provided.
There are 61 guestrooms with modern furnishings and separate sitting areas. All rooms are equipped with satellite television with access to pay movies, air condition, and complimentary high-speed wireless internet access. The standard amenities are; safe-box, minibar, and tea and coffee facility, and hair dryer.